Our marketing team held an internal contest, and here are their thoughts on the experience!

  1. Caffeine Crusaders: Picture gazelles, but instead of outdoors, it’s drinking a triple espresso. That’s the digital gazelle, filled with caffeine and fueled by an endless to-do list. They graze on data reports all night, hoping to avoid the predator called “missed deadlines.”

  1. Social Butterflies (But Like, Online): Forget chasing real gazelles across the savanna. Digital gazelles chase “likes” and comments across the digital plains. They’ll prance around any new social media platform, desperately hoping to be the first to “be there.”

  1. Data Detectives (With Questionable Attention Spans): These gazelles love sniffing out data‚Ķ for about five minutes. A shiny new marketing tool catches their eye, and they’re off in a sprint, forgetting all about the half-analyzed data set they just abandoned.

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